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aiwfans4ever's Journal

Adventures in a Winter Wonderland
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All Members , Moderated
A place for true Adventures in Wonderland fans to have their own adventure!
If you LOVE Disney’s Adventures in Wonderland, then you’ve come to the right place!

Hold onto your seat, let’s go for a ride
Now that we’re here on the other side
Use your imagination and you’ll understand
It’s an Adventure in Wonderland!

Hi! And welcome to Wonderland! It seems you’ve crossed through Alice’s mirror! Whether it was an accident or not, everyone is welcome in Wonderland!

You can talk about the show, tell your favorite AIW memories, talk about your favorite episodes, songs and characters. You can also post fanfiction. You can also post song lyrics for favorite songs as well as surveys and links to Adventures in Wonderland sites!

The only two rules in this community are respect one another. As for the other rule-and this one is very, VERY important-NOBODY CORRECTS THE QUEEN! Feel free to explore on your own. But if you wander into the palace, make sure you behave yourself while in the Queen’s presence!
Other than that, have fun and enjoy yourself!

Also, if random is your style, you might feel more at home over at: Affiliates aiwchuckleheads!